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The focus on quality and results generated fast but sustainable growth for us.

After 1 year of activity we were already in Google’s top searches and after 3 years we now have over 220 customers.We listen to your problems, identify your main needs and come up with the most appropriate solution for your business!

Market & Trends

We Analyse The Market And Online Trends

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We Are Continuously Testing Ideas And Concepts

Solution Oriented

We Help Our Customers With The Right Solution

Our philosophy

What differentiate us from our competition are the concrete results obtained in all the projects we have done, so we offer to the client solutions which, within a timeframe determined by a specialized analysis, will lead to the increase of the visibility of the company and especially the number of potential customers for the products and services promoted.

Our Mission and Vision

Our agency vision is to be a full-service online web design and marketing agency. The main mission of the company is to satisfy the demands of the clients and offer high quality services for a fair price.

If you are wondering what we do on a daily basis, the answer is very simple and precise, the same way we like to work: programming, web design and web development. We have experience of various online projects which incorporate our own values: inovation, responsability, quality and speed of execution. To us, performance management is not only a fancy term.

We are a unified and stable team, with over 10 years of experience in programming, web design and software projects management.


Specialized IT consulting in developping web-based applications, implementing them in the IT infrastructure as well as assistance in their future development

IT consulting and project management

Professional IT consulting for web based software development, implementation in the IT infrastructure as well as assistance in their development.

Web Development/ Web Design

First there was The ideea, then the image and the descriptive keyword. In a few words, this is the essence of online presence and the creative concept of a website. From the concept to the implementation, our web design team and our experts in online content are working together in projects that create reputation and deliver useful information.

Programming and website/application implementation

Programming represents the process through which the source code of an application is written. It is very important that, in this stage, the functional specifications to be as clear as possible. Based on the project requirements, we can develop modern, web-based, dynamic, reliable and scalable solutions.

Search engine optimization / SEO

Search engine optimization or, in short, SEO, is a very important service. It's goal is placing the website as high as possible in the result lists of search engines(on the first page, even on first places) by certain search criteria. In this way, traffic from search engines will become relevant and will generate actions from the visitors(visits, clicks, orders, info requests etc).

Website management, maintenance and technical support

No matter how well a website is developped and promoted, any one of them needs new content and updated information. Otherwise, visitors will quickly lose interest and will not acces the website again.

Social media

Nowadays, if you are not online, you don't exist. Online tendencies don't favor general online content, but instead, specialized content aimed at certain types of people. That's why, your online strategy, adapted to every requirement, is essential to every project. We master the tools for online platforms and we are constantly updating the list of top social networks.

Our solutions

Web design, web development, programming, software application development and online services


Creative solutions and technologies joined together to improve and maintain your corporate image or to serve other business related purposes.

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Personalized solutions provided with content management solutions for web-oriented business.

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We put together useful information for companies of any size.

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